Dianna Ineman

inemannHow did you become a swimmer?

When I was 5 years old my brother threw me into a pool and I had no trouble swimming my way back to the wall- I loved the water ever since

What is your motivation, to train the finishers?

After my initial tryout month of coaching the Finishers in February I found that I really liked the members. They're all different and come with very different goal which makes it really interesting to me. The reasons range from performance to fitness to just being social and having fun. I like this about the Finishers.

What are the key points in your trainings, what is important for you?

Most important for me is to keep it interesting and fun for everyone. I often have three or four different groups of swimmers doing slightly different sets that best suit their ability. I like to add helpful tips for swimming within a group as one does in a triathlon while giving the swimmers a chance to chase each other and learn the importance of drafting. If you come and swim in Group A it becomes a spirited 90 minutes of hard work and will be pushed a bit to reach your performance goals. Group B is also highly spirited but with less demand on the distance completed. Group C is for those who don't get to swim very often but still wish to have an organized swim and stay fit for shorter races or to just stay fit. As often as I can I give individual feedback on technique and offer drills that can help improve stroke efficiency.

What are your goals in the swim lessons?

I believe I answered that in the previous question

What do you expect from the participants?

To feel very free to speak with me if they have any questions concerning the lessons of if they would like to add or change something about the training. I also always appreciate respect. Respect and kindness goes a long way for me.

What is the meaning of sport for you in general?

Sport is a way of life for me. It is something I do for all aspects of health. The benefits of getting up and moving ones body way outweighs the benefits of lying around eating bon bons all day no matter how fast or slow one goes.

Where is your preferred location to swim?

Anywhere there is open water....( and preferably on the warmer side!)

What are your personal goals in sports?

My goals have changed over the years. I have always been doing some form of sport all my life. When I first started doing triathlon I wanted to go to the Hawaii Ironman. After I was on the podium twice in Hawaii my goals changed to learning to mountain bike and doing 9-11 day mountain bike stage races. It's always changing, but one things for sure- if there are any big mountains to ride up- count me in!

What will your future be in 10 years?

I have no idea but I'm really happy to find out. I guarantee I'll have a bike or two that won't have a lot of cobwebs on them! And I say to anyone out there, come ride with me!

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